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Tri Tip

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Jan 30, 2010
Costa Mesa CA
Roasted up a 5 lb fryer. Soaked it in a qt of buttermilk with a tablespoon of Kosher Salt. Rubbed with our local Lucille’s savory rib rub. (see link below) This stuff along wiht there spicy sauce got us a 5 place in ribs two weeks ago. It's some good stuff made right here in Long Beach. No Liquid Smoke :evil: .Been using Cowboy lump a lot lately since I cook a lot of chicken, It has very little smoky taste which I like, also I get tired of telling folks at catering gigs, “your chicken is fully cooked, wood smoke turns poultry pink”. Due to clean burning and little smoke, Cowboy lump doesn’t have this effect and no pungent pink chicken.

Smokey Lew said:
Nice looking bird Mike. I like what you did to crisp up the skin with the CI pan. Going to order and try some of that rub. What about the rest of their sauces? Tried any?

They're all good. I like the Rib Rub the best the BBQ one is good too but a bit too much paprica for my palet.
The closest to you is Chino Hills. The rubs and sauces are cheep like $4.95.

P.S. CI pan is just what I serve it in. I put my finished dishes in CI pans and put em on the stove top with burner's barly on to keep the food warm. Usually we eat buffet style.

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