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Sep 11, 2021
someone who knows what is sabich and can explain what makes it is so good?

what kind of sabich did you tried and what did you put inside?

in the photo is a very basic sabich

i think it is pretty amazing and i recommend not to add AMBA most of the times unless you can control it exactly and add the right amount.
i find most AMBAS not very good.

also don't add hummus. especially the highly processed ones. it is not tasty.

when i eat outside i prefer the cabbage instead of the the salad of tomatoes and cukes. at home it is the opposite because it is more tasty to eat the latter at home.....


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Yup, I had to look it up too and sabich is extremely close to the word sandwich - so I had a good guess on that. Especially as the picture helped.

But amba was a new one!

Sounds tasty! Pretty sure I would love the eggplant stuffing, yum!
you can make at home too....

i even have my own method of frying eggplants in shallow oil
first bake the sliced eggplants on a parchment paper
only then fry
otherwise there will be too much splatter. (even if you squeeze the eggplants)

i don't like deep frying because it's hard to get rid of the oil afterwards.

along with it add:
thick tahini sauce....

i think that in north america eggplants are expensive but you can try when it's cheap or but the expensive ones.......

if you don't succeed at first, keep trying. and make notes of how you solved some problems so you remember later on.....

i hope to make an hebrew lesson on how to make it with many tips on my preferences
give it a try
i like my fried eggplants pretty salty
but i also like how they are sometimes having a somewhat natural sweet taste to them. it's not that sweet. just slightly.

i will now add some more photos for inspiration.


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