Sausage weekend

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Apr 8, 2006
West Seneca NY
Off to get a case of butts and a brisket...most of the butts will be made into or two is going on the 22 with the brisket for lunch tomarrow...going to be an overnight cook.

Sounds like a plan. I have to get off my dead ass and get going. ;) :LOL:

The sausage meat is all prepped for tomorrow…I love that big grinder..60lbs of meat…20min to grind…

Butts and Brisket are rubbed up and ready to go on as soon as the Charcoal is ready..

I’m working tonight so the plan is for the Mrs. to get up at 5:30 check the pit…add some Scotch Eggs (they will be breakfast)…Then when I get home from work made the sausage and eat some good Q when we are done.
Sausage is in the casings and in the smokehouse….breakfast was Scotch Eggs on a Hardroll….and Lunch is at 180* and should be ready somewhere between and hour and a hour and a half….In keeping with tradition the first link of fresh sausage was promptly put in a pot of water. D graduated from cranking to holding the casing.

This pic is an album...take a look at the rest of the pics

All in all not a bad days work after a night at work and another 12hr day to go.

Lunch is done and resting
Good looking tubes.
What happened to the boy's big hat and capes?
And, Mother is not allowed in there?
The out house is holding up well. LOL
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