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Sep 17, 2004
I think I have the concept of sautee-ing squash and zucchini down... coat it with a little olive oil salt and pepper and put in my cast iron sautee pan until the turn translucent. Is that right?
Today I tried adding mushrooms and sliced peppers... left overs from yesterdays pizza making adventure...
how do you know when they are cooked... I can see that the peppers probably turn translucent
but i dont quite think the mushroom will ever turn. So how do you know when the mushroom is done?
Some people like their vegegables cooked longer than others. The longer you cook them the less crunch they'll have. You will notice the mushrooms shrink a little when they cook, but the best way is to just taste as you go until they are the way you want them.

None of those will become "translucent" only onions do that. When I do mushrooms and zuchinni I will cook them till they get color, depending on how high your heat is will control the crunch factor and also if you cover them during cooking [zuchinni will get softer ] Mushrooms when cooked will stay essentially the same all the way through the cooking process unless the heat gets bumped up and they will get crispy on the outside, the exception to this are the more tender shrooms [shiitake trumpet enoki] they tend to disinegrate under longer cooking.

I don't eat peppers but it would be the same as zuchinni.
Mushroom tend to suck in all the other flavours (coconut does this, too!) very readily, and so should be treated "delicately", unless you are being "rough" with them, as in a soya mixture...use "heat" rather than "Time" to make them "crispy"...and practise a lot!

the best way to tell is to taste it. some people like their vegetables/mushrooms softer or more al dente than others, so the only way to tell what preference you like is to taste it, then identify the color of the food at the time that you tasted it. Mushrooms are pretty lenient in the sense that you can cook them longer than you intended to, but they're not overcooked. They should feel relatively spongy when they are done.

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