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Mar 25, 2005
I am thinking of making the 'schnecken' from the Nigella Lawson -domestic goddess book, however in the dutch version it says it needs 500 gram flour, it can not be right for 12 muffin cups, that is way too much. can someone look it up in their english version?
half of it about 250g would make the most sense compared to the other ingredients- (75g butter) but that would be a strange typo.
thanks anyway.
i think I'll try something else for eastern.
Dutchoven is right, for 12 muffin cups you need about 250 g flour. In all the recipes I have in g, it´ll be always about 200 - 300 g flour.

I hope, that I can help you.

lg Tanja
Nigella is very flour happy. It is right, I have the English version and its 500g. I would give it a try not making any changes. I know I have questioned many of the recipes in the Domestic Goddess book, but they always turn out fine.

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