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ronjohn55 said:
Now, when it comes to smoking a turkey, I only have one question...

Where are you finding big enough rolling papers?? :mrgreen:


Ya know ronjohn, I was talking to my mom about this the other night & she asked me how I was going to fit the turkey into a pipe. Well, hubby's comeback was great, he said that's what the hole in the end of the turkey is for then he puffed up his cheeks & cupped his hands around his mouth & blew. I guess I'll have to stick a whole bunch of rolling papers together & make one giant rolling paper! :LOL:
Hubby & I smoked a chicken Saturday to get the feel of the whole smoking thing before we do the turkey. It turned out fantastic!! We acctually had neighbors stopping by wanting to know what smelled so good! I can't wait to do the turkey now! Thank you all so much for your help & info, I really appriciate it! I hope you all have a wonderful & blessed Thanksgiving!
crewsk, if you mil wasn't crazy about you before, this could be the straw that broke the camel's back! :LOL: Seriously, maybe I'm a wussie, but I would never cook something I had never done before for a large group. I go with the tried and true foolproof stuff - there's enough stress even with that. Oops, just saw your most recent post (trial run with the chicken), sounds like you have it under control. Enjoy.
My mil can...nevermind!! This will only be the 2nd turkey I have ever cooked!! :shock: :oops: I do things better when I'm stressed. At least I'm baking a ham too. So, we will have something to fall back on. Oh, on top of everything, my guest list just got bigger! It has gone from 14 people to 20! I have a lot of cooking to do but I am really looking forward to it!
Crewsk, you're going to do a spectacular job and enjoy every single word of the well-deserved praise coming your way in three short days!!!

And after cooking for 20, I'll be willing to bet that you sleep well Thanksgiving Night, L-Tryptophans or not!
Buy some extra rolls, crewsk. Also, make sure you have plenty of ice and toilet paper and you are bound to have a great time on Thursday.
Mudbug, I have 4 packs of yeast rolls in the freezer right now & plan to get more. Luckly, I have until Saturday for this grand event because my BIL is a preacher & he & his family can't get in town before then(I'm thankful I have 2 extra days to prepare). My parents are bringing 2 ice chests full of ice so the is taken care of too. I always have planty of TP on hand! :LOL: Right now though, I'm floatin' high on pain & paint thinner fumes! Hubby decided to do some touch up painting tonight. I'm sittin' here with the window wide open & the fan on high.
I jsut wanted to tell everyone thank you once again!! I wound up smoking 2 turkies & both were fabulous!! I brined them both for 8 hours(one in salt & brown sugar, the other in salt, brown sugar, galic, onion, & thyme). The one that was brined in in the thyme & all was my favorite. It just really complitented the smokey flavor.
Crewsk; There was never any doubt. I knew you would experience success. You have the desire, and the intelligence to ask questions, and the knack for creating good things. How could you fail. Now go tell your husband you deserve a good foot massage or something. :D

Seeeeeya; Goodweed of the North
Thanks Goodweed! I was able to relax a little too much after most of the in-laws left Saturday & I have paid dearly for it both yesterday & today. I got a 3 hour nap today & that revived me a lot. I plan on sweet talking hubby into a foot massage later though. ;)

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