Source For Breaded Vegetable Sticks?

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Oct 21, 2022

Many years ago (in the '80's?) we used to get breaded vegetable sticks that we would deep fry. I think they were not inexpensive. I am now looking for these to air fry. I cannot remember what all vegetables were in these sticks, but they were good.

I cannot seem to find these anywhere and am looking for family size bags. Any ideas?

Thank you,
We batter and bread vegetables, then like an air fryer, we bake them in a conventional oven until they begin to crisp. Our favorites are cauliflower (wings), and zucchini. Onions and eggplant too.
Thanks for the replies. I have searched and find many results, but most seem to not be breaded. I do see breaded zucchini sticks, but I don't know that I have ever had zucchini. I will have to give that a try - Thanks @blissful.

From memory, I think the sticks I am remembering were mixed vegetables. I did find some of those for sale, but they were on a different continent.

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