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Dec 30, 2010
I received a cookie press for christmas, i was so happy Ive always wanted one. Now to use it.. I used the recipe that came with it from wilton, it tells me not to chill dough with my press, so I didnt. but my cookies didnt really hold their shape well or come out of the press well.. the dough just wanted to stay with the press' die, they all looked kinda like mountain peeks. when baked they lost all shape and just ended up looking like yummy little round bites. Can anyone help me with this?
What fat did you use? If you used butter then your cookies will spread faster. If you use margarine or shortening it will work better. Use a combination of butter and shortening and that will give you both flavor and cookie shape.

PS, I chill my dough even though it says not to!
Alix- I used exactly the spritz recipe that wilton presses comes with that calls for butter. it wasnt so much that they spread out much but when they came out of the press they didn't have much shape, or were very peaked on top, destroying any shape they may have had. After looking around on the wilton site for a while, I think that my dough was just too soft, and not the right consistency. Every thing that im reading says that you should be able to roll it into a log to load my press, my dough was too soft to do that.

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