Substitution question for heavy cream

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yummy tummy

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Jan 30, 2014
in a state of question

i am about to bake a recipe which i used to use many years ago, from the Joy of cooking.. Dear Irma( author of the Joy) was indeed the first "Queen of cookbooks".. and her recipes are superb .. and i loved all the additional information in her cookbooks like measuring information , etc.

but something I do not recall seeing in her 'substitutions for ingredients list'

was: substitutes for heavy cream.

I am about to make an apple crisp, using crushed zweiback ground with almonds as a crust. other ingredients in the crust are butter.. heaps.

i guess as this is a rather dry crust, she recommends using a half cup of heavy cream..

my question
can i subsitute a half cup of yogurt or greek yogurt for the heavy cream.

many thanks
You could, but I think I'd thin it out a bit. The heavy cream we get is way thinner than any yogurt I've ever seen.

You can also substitute evaporated milk for cream as well.
tried it.. undiluted.. it worked like a charm ( yogurt substituted for heavy cream) .. did add a certain tartness. offset it with a bit of added sugar.
( used coconut sugar) (new) (mmm..very good )

thanks again
I'm late to the party for this crust yummy, but I've substituted half and half successfully for heavy cream. Mind you it's only in recipes for scones and a cream-of soups, but I've really noticed no difference. In the case of scones I first tried them with heavy cream, then light. Finally, when I took it all the way down to half and half, we decided that the taste and texture were indistinguishable from the high fat version to the low.

Hope this helps you too.
It is big difference between heavy cream versus half and half, those two are nearly the same product. And heavy cream versus yogurt, these two are totally different product. Not to say that you cannot use them as substitute, but the end result will be different. I am not saying it will wrong, or not taste good, it will simply be different.
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