Sunday, November 26, 2023 - What's on the Table?

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You could start a new thread then since you are the first one who had dinner already! I've no idea what I'll be having yet but if you start a new thread I'll post mine there later. I'm thinking seafood pasta...maybe.
The last of the turkey bits made into turkey salad, served with green salad. Thanksgiving food is officially finished!!!
I didn't think it's ever mentioned on the package. I just check the pack I bought the other day. No mention of how it is smoked.
It usually says on the package when it is hot smoked. It's easy to tell. The hot smoked one looks like cooked salmon. The cold smoked one is the colour of raw salmon.
Yep, thanks taxy, just looked up the differences. So 'hot smoked' is doing the whole salmon filet. Where as when I purchase smoked salmon, it is sliced paper thin and splayed out like a fan.
Big difference. Don't know/can't remember if I've ever had hot smoked.
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