Sunday supper, 2023 September 17, what did you eat?

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Sep 13, 2010
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I finally pulled out the hibachi and grilled some burgers on it. It's been a long time since I have cooked on charcoal. It worked reasonably well. I put the hibachi on the grates of our dead gas grill. This gave me an advantage over all previous uses of the hibachi. I could close the lid of the grill, which kept in the heat and cooked the burgers a bit faster.

I can't say that we noticed much difference from cooking them with propane or in a skillet. They were delicious and they have had some honest grill marks. DH had his on sesame kaiser buns and I had mine on a wholewheat English muffin. There was romaine lettuce, sliced onion, sliced dill pickles, and two kinds of mustard for individual garnishing of the burgers.


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Family luncheon Sunday so I made pan roasted pork tenderloins with a rosemary cream sauce with shallots, garlic and Dijon. We had that with sourdough bread and a cucumber salad in sour cream with fresh dill and chives from SO's garden. Dessert was a chocolate layer cake frosted with chocolate whipped cream and brownies with ice cream.
Since cuts of meat can have different names in different countries, would you please describe "eye fillet"?
Certainly, and quite odd that you should ask, because for the first time ever, I had a bit of a confusion with the butcher about this yesterday when I asked for it.
Here, when I ask for Eye Fillet, it is Rib Eye boned out.

Eye fillet steaks are cut from a whole eye fillet, an oblong shaped cut that spans between the short loin and the sirloin.
Bone in, it’s known as scotch fillet.
My butcher said that it is known as fillet steak but I have never seen it called that anywhere before.
We got there in the end!
This is cut from the tenderloin muscle of the steer. According to Google, eye filet is the term used in Australia for a tenderloin filet/filet mignon. Which makes sense given that Jade Emperor is from Australia.
All of this description of the eye fillet makes sense as tenderloin, until we get to the part that bone in it is called a Scotch fillet. Isn't the bone attached to the tenderloin the T-bone? As I understand it a T-bone steak has tenderloin on one side and rib eye on the other.
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