Supper 12-30-2022 ~ New Year's Eve eve

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We had leftovers and a new salad too. I had other plans, but two jars hopped out of the fridge. One landed on the bunion on my left foot and the other one landed on the big toe of my right foot. Ow, ow, ow. Pretty much wiped me out. I made the salad, some vinaigrette, and some gravy. I let DH reheat some tourtière and the leftover linguine from a resto order.
We had a stir fry (steamed really) on brown basmati rice. Onions, shredded carrots, cabbage shreds, pea pods, broccoli, w/marinated tofu, and a soy sauce, garlic, ginger, honey sauce and we threw on a chopped cold tomato at the end.
Sorry to hear about that, TL, but glad to hear they didn't break. And I hope you heal quickly!

I had some leftovers again, but also threw together an Indian dish for my friends I'm visiting tomorrow (and ate a bit of it tonight) - a dish with some different dal, plus some onions, bell peppers, and the rest of the greens from my garden, plus some chicken, and this one seasoned mostly with that pav bhaji masala I made a while back. I made a lot of it, so they can take some to her brother, who got operated on a while back. That relative who got sick cleared up quickly, and it was just a cold or something, and nobody else got anything, which was a relief. I am also taking them some more cookies, of course!
Pan-fried smoked pork chop, and leftover crash potatoes fried in pan fond.

Yesterday the building maintenance folks came and finished fixing the drain in my kitchen.

It sounds simple enough but it’s been in the works since the 16th. I had to empty the kitchen so they could remove the base cabinets and open the wall.

The lower cabinets didn’t survive so they installed new base cabinets and a new faux granite countertop.

It looks odd but it’s everyday life in an inexpensive third floor walk up! ?

I was pooped after I loaded everything back into the kitchen so I microwaved a couple of hot dogs and had them on whole wheat bread.

It’s good to have running water that doesn’t involve me doing the running!?
We're in "out with the old" mode tonight and finished up all the leftovers except for some ham. I did, however, make a salad for myself with new ingredients - Himself said it/he was too cold for him to eat salad. ?

What was on your plate today?
I didn't think of it that way, but I did the same! ? I had half a container of gnocchi, half a pound of Italian sausage and a cup of tomato sauce in the fridge. I chopped onions, carrots, celery and garlic, drained and chopped a can of artichoke hearts and got a soup going. I also added frozen chopped spinach and a can of diced tomatoes. And we had half of a stick of French bread. Dinner!
We had a HUGE ham for Christmas. I've been munching my way thru a good portion of it - breakfast, lunch and dinner. So easy to just stand in the open door and gosh, golly, gee whiz! it just pops right out then up and into my mouth. Poof!
I've been telling yuh, when I'm lazy, I'm lazy!

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