Swedish glogg

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Dec 1, 2003
Southeast NC
Here is one I caged off the web. it looks similar to a recipe used by some Swedish friends of mine in New Jersey.

1 cup blanched Almond
12 Cardamom seeds , peeled
12 whole Cloves
6 Cinnamon sticks
Peel of 1 Orange
1 bottle Red wine (Burgundy or Claret)
1 cup dark Raisins
1 bottle Brandy (or Aquavit)
1 cup Sugar cubes, crushed
Mixing instructions:
Put cardamon seeds, cinnamon, cloves and orange parts in nylon bag and tie top. In large saucepan put bag, half bottle of the wine, and the raisins. Cover and simmer for 15 minutes. Add remaining wine and the almond, heat through. In another saucepan warm about 1/3 of the brandy (or aquavit), pour in sugar and light with match to flame. When sugar has melted, pour in the remainder of brandy. If necessary extinguish flame with cover lid. Add sugar mixture to wine mixture. Pour in cups with raisins and almonds in each serving. Serve in irish coffee cup. A hot cup of glogg is the Scandinavian way of offering a warm welcome to a friend on a wintery evening.
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