Thermometers - Remote or Others

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I have two of these.
There is no on and off switch, I hardly use them, but they do come in handy every now and then.You need a tiny Philips screwdriver to change the batteries in the transmitter. witch is a pain in the ass. I have played around with a Weber wireless at the store, Think I'd go with that.

I have the NuTemp and really like it. You can use three separate probes that report back to the one monitor. The plus with the Maverick is it has the dedicated smoker probe.
After you know your cooker, a Thermapen is all you will need. May be expensive, but worth every penny.
Pal of mine has eight "Green Eggs" and won't pony up for a Thermapen. :shock: But if he can use mine, why should he need one? :LOL:

Buy a Thermapen...learn your cooker and you won't need a remote thermometer, unless you REALLY want to see the 10-20 degree temp swings you're going to get during the cook, which will most likely freak you out and you will start messing with the vents...which will lead to more swings... never mind that crap...just get a thermapen and be happy!! :)
Smokey Lew said:
Maverick works great for monitoring the WSM. The Termapen is used all the time and you can't go wrong with it.

With your Thermapen you can also test.....

Air Temp
Pool Temp
French Fry Oil Temp
And even put it under the kids arm pits when there running a fever! :LOL:

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