think I was too rough on these guys?

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Wow Cappy I'm impressed. Did not realize you was a TV star and galloping gourmet. Good job! That place sounds like most of the bbq joints in Tejas which tend toward nothing to brag on. That cobbler sound good. Prob get it in frozen. Mrs. Smith makes a good one of the peach variety.

The review sounded honest and I don't think you did anything that you shouldn't have. You gave positive criticism when warranted and gave your opinion on where they fell down. If they're smart, they will use your review to make improvements.
well the owner is a retired state trooper....I won't be
speeding anytime soon...he might have his buddies looking
out for me.
Jim you know how it's suppose to taste! Maybe he reads your review and can make the proper corrections. Great review, go back in a month and try it again!
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