Tip for those making yogurt in their Instant Pot

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Nov 21, 2018
Woodbury, NJ
For those of you that use your IP to make yogurt, here's something I thought of today, mainly because I didn't have more than 3 empty wide mouth pint jars (more regular ones in the basement, but I like these better for the yogurt). As I was rooting through the cupboard, I saw a 3 cup mason jar, and I remembered that I always have "extra" milk left over, from a half gallon, and adding a half cup of yogurt starter, plus leaving a quarter inch space. I usually try to use it in bread, or something like that, but I thought, maybe I can use one 3 c jar, so I checked, and it fit! And it fit with the 3 wide mouth jars, and when I filled all the pints, and poured the remaining "starter milk" in the 3 c jar, it filled it to ¼" from the top! It's curing, now, and this is something I'll do, from now on.
3 pints plus one 3 cup mason jar, in Instant Pot, making yogurt, from a half gallon of milk. by pepperhead212, on Flickr
I like very thick Greek style yogurt. I never use bottles. After cycle is done I strain for 24 hours. Use whey for baking, pancakes/ waffles.
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