Trivia 8/3

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trivia 8/3
Venezuela has designated more of its land to conservation than any other
country in the world. Nearly 54% of its land is protected.

1. What country is the city of Gouda, where Gouda cheese is traded, located
2. To what European language is the Afrikaans of South Africa most closely
3. How many of the Fifty border Mexico ?
4. I am traveling from the "Keystone State" to the "Beehive State" ... Name
the two of the Fifty involved .......
5. Name That Flick - (1959)
Vincent Price plays a coroner who "discovers" that there is a weird
centipede-type creature, living in everyone's spine, that becomes stimulated
when its host becomes terrified. The only way to stop this creature from
tingling you to death is to scream, scream, SCREAM.
6. The Electoral College ...
How is the number of electors for each state determined?
a. - By how large in area the State is
b. - Based on population
c. - The number of House Members plus the number of Senators
d. - By the number of Representatives in the State Government
7. Which tennis player set a record at the 2007 Australian Open by not
losing even one set?
a. - Serena Williams
b. - Anna Kournikova
c. - Martina Hingis
d. - Roger Federer
8. Santana and Rob Thomas joined together to make this popular hit we all
love , what is the name of this hit?

When John Travolta was 12 years old, his father built him a Stage in the
basement, where he would entertain his family.
1. the Netherlands
2. Dutch
3. Four
4. From Pennsylvania to Utah
5. 'The Tingler'
6. - c
7. - d
8. "Smooth"

John's father, Salvatore, was a former semiprofessional football player and
tire salesman, and his mother, Helen, was a high school drama coach. The
Travolta children were raised in the Roman Catholic religion, and being the
youngest child, John was pampered beyond anything that his siblings would
have ever thought possible. When he was a toddler, John always wanted to be
the center of attention, and he would go to great lengths to accomplish
this. Once he tore through his father's closet when his father was at work,
and when his dad walked through the door, he acted like he was the father
and his dad was him. John questioned his father about why he was coming in
late and so on, his father started to crack a smile and then came a booming
laugh, John got his wish, he had amused his father. Those types of stunts
went on for years, until his father built him his very own stage in the
basement of their home in Englewood. Always the actor, John appeared in
local actor workshop plays and in dinner clubs around the Englewood area.
While he was in school he took every opportunity to appear in plays, and to
entertain his teachers and friends. John also had a talent for dancing and
took tap lessons from Gene Kelly's brother, Fred. When he was sixteen years
old, he dropped out of school to pursue his acting on a full time basis.

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