Tuesday's Kitchen Effort - 5/11

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Dec 20, 2005
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Pork Tenderloin (Air Fryer, 385, 20 minutes) Cob Corn, Smashed Sweets with Butter and Brown Sugar...

Pork Tenderloin, Mashed Sweets.jpg
Shredded chicken with chipotle asado sauce, pickled red onions, radish, cilantro, queso fresco on a soft taco.


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I threw together a Mexican dish today, which started out only because I had to cut up an onion that there was a bad spot on, and I could smell it! :LOL: I diced it up, and sautéed it in a little oil, and set it aside, not knowing what I would do with it later. I got a craving for some Mexican, so I soaked some dried tomatoes, to make some chipotle sauce, and some dried eggplant, which I nuked for 3 minutes a couple of times, while doing the rest of the prep, to soften it faster. I soaked about 1 1/2 lbs worth of tomatoes, and a little over a lb worth of eggplant. I cut up a pound of cremini mushrooms in large pieces, steamed them in a few tb of water for 7 or 8 minutes, boiled the water off, and sautéed in 1 tb olive oil, until browning, then I combined with the onion and set aside.

Meanwhile, I put the soaked tomatoes, plus soaking water (I had filled a 2 c measuring cup to about 2 c) in the Vitamix, plus a tsp of Mexican oregano and 6 cloves of garlic. I blended this until smooth, then poured it into the wok I cooked the mushrooms in, to cook down, and scrape the mushroom fond into the sauce. When done, I added the mushrooms, drained eggplant cubes, and a little salt to taste. This was served in some open flame toasted corn tortillas, with some Monterey jack, and a little lettuce.
Browned cremini, mixed with the sauteed onions, waiting for the eggplants and sauce. by pepperhead212, on Flickr

1.5 oz dried tomatoes, equal to 1.5 lbs, soaked, and blended with chipotle, garlic, and Mexican Oregano by pepperhead212, on Flickr

Starting to cook the chipotle sauce, over medium high heat. by pepperhead212, on Flickr

Chipotle sauce, cooked 7 or 8 minutes, to evaporate much of the water, and concentrate the flavor. by pepperhead212, on Flickr

Mushrooms and soaked eggplants, added to the chipotle sauce, ready to go into the corn tortillas. by pepperhead212, on Flickr
whole milk, is that a whoopie pie or two burger patties with a mustard sauce filling?

We started with salads. I then made a new recipe from Williams-Sonoma, Pork with Orange-Bourbon Sauce. We also had nuked "baked" potatoes and steamed broccoli.

I haven't made too many recipes from W-S, but we haven't been disappointed yet.

Looks good guys!


A "cheat" meal tonight.
Store bought assorted Sushi
Pulled from the deep freeze, Grilled Teriyaki Chicken courtesy of a friend from back home in Hawaii (he lives in Vegas now)
and my Quick Cucumber Kim Chee (or kimchi, whatever)

Chocolate Covered Strawberries for dessert later :flowers:
For my birthday supper, we ordered from La Porte Grecque, our favourite Greek resto. We got the bacon wrapped scallops, as an appetizer. (There were 11 of them.) And we shared the "Bad boy mixed grill", "Grilled Chicken Oregano, 2 Lambchops, 1 souvlaki stick, comes with garden salad, rice pilaf, greek potatoes, and garlic bread." We enjoyed some Mateus (Portuguese rosé wine) with our supper.

Scallops, salad, rice pilaf, potato wedge:

PXL_20210511_224048200 small.jpg

I was going to attach a picture of: Chicken breast, lamb chop, souvlaki, and potato wedge. But, I looked at the pix and it just looks too sloppy. There is salad dressing and the lemon sauce that the scallops came with, smeared all over the plate and it's just not pretty.

Dessert of baklava and baklava cheese cake. We preferred the baklava.

PXL_20210511_235910265 small.jpg

That meal was really delicious. The lemon sauce that came with the scallops was fabulous. The rice pilaf was very, very tasty. The rest was delicious, but those two items really stand out.
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