Turnip Kimchi.... looking for good recipe

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Jun 21, 2007
Anyone have a nice Tried and True one?
Seems like the ones I've found online aren't quite as good as
what I get in the restaurants....
Is that turnip in the kimchi? I was never sure. I thought it might have been radish. I have only had it in restaurants. One time I brought it home and it made the fridge smell "very strong" for about 2 weeks. LOL
It's not "american" turnip... it's "asian" turnip. I think its related to a daikon radish. They are bigger and fatter with a green end....
Regular kimchi has napa cabbage as its main ingredient. I have THAT recipe down, but my turnip kimchi isn't quite right.
(Neither is my cucumber chi, either, come to think of it.)

Nice recipes, thanks! That one went into my Bookmarks.
But I didnt see a turnip kimchi recipe, sighhhh

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