Types of tea.

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Jun 23, 2020
Is herbal tea considered less legit? I went to a tea shop that had a pretty great variety, but no herbal tea. Is that weird?
I would think a Tea Shop would carry many varieties ( See list below) , including herbal teas.
I just checked the website of a local Tea Shop by me, and they carry herbal teas.
Doesn't make sense.


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Hi Aunt Bea! (waves like crazy) Good to see you around here. Hope all is well.

C4F, I would hope that the store is legit, but it seems odd to me that they don't offer herbal teas. Many people avoid caffeine for various reasons, so you would think that they would try to draw in those buyers, too.
Perhaps they had decided only to stock real tea.
Strictly speaking "tea" is the dried leaves of the plant "camellia sinensis" whereas thing like camomile "tea", rooibos "tea" and herbal "tea" are, strictly speaking, infusions.
I´m a bit surprised, though; I´d have thought that they´d have herbal teas given their popularity these days.
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