Uninspired Monday, December 4, 2023

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stir steamed vegetables over veggie brown basmati rice with stir fry sauce.
Dehydrated banana chips for snacking.
Potluck at the bee meeting party tonight for mr bliss. A salad for him when he gets home.
Burritos made with chorizo, cumin rice, black beans, Oaxacha cheese and crema, with a pico garnish and some extra black beans on the side.
SO surprised me when he brought home Italian subs for lunch. As a result, neither of us is especially hungry. We'll nosh on stuff in the fridge.
I asked prettily for an Italian sub for dinner. Nearly begged, and ended up with chili dogs...which were okay. Could not get an Italian sub myself because I had to contractor-sit. I'm saying that your SO is the BEST to surprise you without you even begging asking for one. 😃
I changed my weekly produce + basket to delivery yesterday. No produce, only ready to eat or heat stuff. Today we had mujadara, quinoa salad, and samosas. The muadara was really good. The quinoa salad was bland, bland, bland. I don't know if we will manage to finish what's left of it. The samosas were good, as usual, not something new to us like the other two items. Now I'm looking for a good recipe for mujadara, since I'm sure it would be even better with brown rice or bulgur instead of white rice, more crispy onion, and some seasonings.
Well, it looks like food made from food. How did it taste? How easy was it to prepare?
It was great! Very east to prepare, that was one of the reasons I chose to make this one first. Monday was box delivery day. DH commented, "You make something like this." I do and I don't. I use meatballs and different spices. Here's a LINK to the recipe card. There are Gyro spices available to purchase or recipes online. I plan to make one to keep on the spice rack.
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