Unwanted Chemical smell from Parchment Paper

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Sep 23, 2023
I have noticed a strange chemical smell when using parchment paper in the oven. Is it safe to use? If so, how can I get rid of the odor to ensure that it does not affect the taste of my food?

I'm not received any complaint till now!
Hmm...I would ask the company as I have never had an issue (smell or otherwise) with parchment paper. Since I have never experienced an odd smell with parchment paper, I would be unlikely to use the paper if I encountered a chemical smell.
I have used it in the oven, many many years ago. Before parchment paper became common for home cooks. It does smell, but it is obviously a wax paper smell - nothing disgusting. Paper does not hold up like parchment does of course.

Parchment can smell - but again, not a disgusting smell. It depends on the temperature in the oven. The container usually says the maximum temperature to be used but I know I have gone way over what is said and it has been just fine.

However, that being said, if you see flames - I think your temperature is a little bit too high. :LOL:
Wax paper definitely smells when used in place of parchment in the oven. It also ruins the sheet pan if no one notices. (Important: I am not the person who did this to my sheet pan, but I could tell something was off when I opened the front door.)

Paper burns at 451 degrees Fahrenheit. (There is a reason for Ray Bradbury's book to be titled Fahrenheit 451.) However, the contents against it have to also be 451 degrees Fahrenheit for it to ignite.....not an issue with edges that can catch fire with nothing against them. :D
Ditto what Kathleen has said. Many a time as I'm baking bread the paper (parchment) hangs over the edge. It starts to get quite toasty dark and because as I re-use almost all my parchment to the point of disintegration - the edges are usually pretty ragged. :)
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