Waiting out the "zombie attack" - Covid-19 hunkering down activities

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Jul 21, 2009
Home again in Ohio!
While some of us are everyday homebodies, others have been used to flitting about at will. No matter which group you're in, I'm sure we'll all be a little stir crazy by the time this moment in time passes. So what are you doing to pass the time? Have you picked up a new hobby? Working on polishing an old skill or learning a new one? Have you found a delightful video of people doing uplifting things to entertain us? (As an aside, I've seen at least two different news stories about high school a cappella groups "performing", creating their little concert through the powers of the internet while safely ensconced in their respective homes. Delightful!) Did you discover any place offering free viewing opportunities for TV, videos, concerts? In other words, how are you keeping sane???

As for me, I dragged my old charcoal pencils out of my even older pencil case in hopes of seeing if my sketching skills from very long ago can be brought to life again. Now all I have to do is find some sort of passable sketching paper. I might have given all of mine away to the kids across the street. :ermm:

More importantly, let's all check in regularly at DC to let each other know that things are OK in our respective cocoons. There are far too many of us in the susceptible age group for bad things to happen. Stay safe, all. :heart:
CG, I've been seeing all these folks giving hints and trick on doing their respective "Spring Cleaning Chores" to help pass the time stuck indoors.

Now, wouldn't this be the perfect opportunity for you and Himself
to finish up "getting the old homestead" ready to sell?
HMMMM??!! Wink wink, hint hint, nudge nudge :LOL:
Sure, K-Girl, we could clean and patch and paint. Only problem is I can't imagine the housing market being robust after we're all done with this halt in civilization. The stock market has lost 1/3 its value since it peaked. People are being told to stay at home - with no work, most people are not being paid. Bills, however, are still rolling in. I think the economy will need several years to bounce back once the all clear sign is given for Covid.

Besides, our kids (and our daughter's SO) were going to come into town and help with the heavy lifting. That's probably not going to happen since, you know, they'll all be recovering financially from the aftermath of weeks out of work.

Besides, I'd rather cook than clean. :chef:

I think we're gonna be here for a while...
Someone pointed out that it might not be a good idea to do major organizing now, if you hadn't planned on doing it. You might get everything dragged out before you realize you need storage bins and run out of energy before your order arrives. Then, you are living in a house with everything everywhere. The person who wrote that spoke from personal experience (not me), but it sounds like a good warning to me.


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So true Taxy!

I'm in the "flitting about at will" Camp, I have a hard time sitting still :bounce:


So when we first started out on this journey,
I made up a list of "chores" I do not like, but need to do :eek:
Most of them are small, don't take alot of time to do,
so I'm taking one a day to keep myself busy.
I read that someone had been planning to go out for lunch and shopping with a friend. So, they modified the plans a little. They met at a fast food place and used the drive through to get their meals. Then, they sat in the parking lot with their cars next to each other and had lunch with their speaker phones on. Afterwards, they each did some online shopping and held phones up to the window to show each other what they bought.
Meanwhile, I still go into work everyday and don a mask, a gown and gloves. I pester old folks about their pain, range of motion, balance, teeth, while paying attention to their hearing, vision and understanding conversation. I look in their ears, eyes and mouths. When I am done torturing about 5-7 folks, I go back to my office, close the door and remove my protective gear. Then I hang out at the computer and put all the data into forms. Once done, I submit the forms for payment for their care.

Life for me has not changed, but I do get to dress up. Apparently they are playing a "Drive By" game with Nerf guns and balls tonight...I should have stayed.
I'll send the link to the Activities Director. He's been looking for fun things to run on the big screen.
The first day of spring is this evening. Right about the time it's going to start snowing. I really want to get out in the yard for spring clean up. It's still too early here to begin this any year, so this is no different. Patience and warmer weather.

Rather than moping about what I can't do, here is some things I can do.

Learn to make Tamales. Watch some YouTube how-to's and see if this is even feasible.

SO bought a Huge can of yeast (2 lb? 4 lb?) from Sam's/ Costco We both can play with dough. Neither of us have made bread in decades. Now's a good time and we both are looking forward to this. I think the Kitchen Maid has a dough hook.

We have books Books BOOKS waiting for that rainy day to read. That rainy day is here. I/we read all the time anyway. I can only read for a few hours at a time, then have to get up and do something different.

I re-upholstered SO's dining room chairs this winter. She ordered fabric/supplies on line. Thought that was a good project. I do believe, if I know her, and I do, she has a honey-do list she can recite in her sleep. :sleep: :rolleyes:

PBS members and Amazon Prime members can watch the original Julia Child French Chef series. Good. I only remember snatches of those programs. Except how to make an omelet. She made em' by the dozens rolled right off the pan voila' magic. I have that one practically memorized. I make scrambled eggs.

We're healthy, we're happy and we are staying IN.
I'm still working, but mainly outdoor projects. As long as we can get materials, we will keep going.

At home, it is time to start getting ready to plant. Still have the fall garden going strong, arugal and beet greens, but now time to plant the spring one. trying to save seeds from the arugala.

If things really shut down, I will end up painting and roofing my house as far as the materials I have on hand hold up. Then interior trim, drywall skimming, hanging my vintage lamp collection and maybe I'll finally get to repairing my pinball machine.

Lots to do. However, I would rather keep working. Makes eating and paying the bills a lot easier.
Things haven't really changed for me. i started months ago to start weeding out my cooking binders out here in my office. For almost 40 years I have been collecting recipes, and enough is enough. I want to make room out here for all the cookbooks that are sitting in a bookcase in my bedroom. I was going through the cookbooks and making copies of what few recipes I wanted to keep and then stacking the books in a corner till I decide what to do with them. Maybe when this is all over, I might put them up for sale.

I also have been enjoying reading. As they say "so many books, so little time" lol
I stopped at our little convenience store for a large cup of ice water ($0.47). They have signs up that per our Governor, they have to get our self serve for us. I watched the fella use hand sanitizer and he got my water. The young man at the counter said, "Ice water? Enjoy, this one's on me." How nice, I may be able to drink it fast enough the go back for my free refill.:ROFLMAO::LOL:
Waiting out the "zombie attack" - Covid-19 hunkering down activities

I have plenty of projects around the house. Home Depot and Lowe’s are considered “essential businesses” so they remain open.
Oh, and I also have plenty of beer and food.
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Doctors are doing E-Visits with IPads, wonder how they are billing this when they are not face-to-face with the patient. The nurse with the IPad is doing all the work.
Mid September we started to put an addition onto the house.. Seven months later it was finally completed...almost. We couldn't stand having the work crew invade our space any longer so we kicked them out and DH and I are finishing a few details. The addition was an entry way, bedroom and bathroom. Before we added the rooms, we had the house on the market to sell and did a quite of bit of staging. That meant rounding up a lot of stuff and putting it in storage. So now the sorting, organizing and rearranging has begun.. I have to take this stuff slow or I get overwhelmed. Last week I had a serendipitous event. My sister from AZ called me and asked if I would make her some cloth face masks. My sewing room was not set up yet but I decided to stop the organizing and set up a bare bones sewing area. And that has made me very happy! I decided the new bedroom needs a new quilt and I am working on a design. I do work every day on moving furniture around, mostly bookshelves for books and material. Gardening season has begun, well, mostly weeding. I walk 4 mornings a week with my sister and neighbor. Do a lot of cooking and baking and a bit of cleaning. Since our bridge playing group can't get together I have been playing bridge online. Dh is still working full time so I have a lot of alone time to do my projects. Not going stir crazy here! I love not having many commitments.
I just ordered 50 yards of 1/4 inch elastic. I did make three masks for myself last week before grocery shopping. However, I had only 1" elastic. I cut it in half - worked out OK. Until I tossed them into the wash. :LOL: I should have put them into my mesh laundry bags to isolate them from the big items tumbling around. When they came out the elastic had frayed into individual strands...if they weren't broken and bunched together. At least my elastic should arrive in plenty of time before I need to shop again. In the meantime I can wash, iron, cut, and pleat more material into masks up to the point where I'll need to insert the elastic. I want to make masks for Himself, my kids, a couple of neighbors...
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