What are you eating Wednesday, December 6, 2023?

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Feb 20, 2011
Had lunch at a Mexican place with some Asian fusion dishes. I ordered their red sangria and got a surprise. What I thought was a smushed maraschino cherry wasn't. It was a piece of red jalapeno that had been treated like a maraschino cherry. Guacamole for an appetizer. Craig got beef birria tacos. I got sliders that had a beef patty, birria mac-n-cheese, a chip, guacamole and jalapeno jelly with ghost pepper cheese. Food was pretty good overall though guacamole needed a little salt and a bit more lime juice for our tastes.




Oh, Craig got an assortment of salsas. The green is a tomatilla salsa and was the mildest we were told. It had a kick to it though. The red was supposed to be the medium heat wise, though I thought it was just a bit milder than the green. The orange was OMG, shove a huge glob of guacamole in my mouth to coat my tongue and some chips, keep the guacamole and chips coming.
I heated some meatball stew that I got with my most recent produce basket order. I found some cooked potatoes that we nuked and served with the meatball stew. We also finished of the last of the quinoa salad. That was as much energy as we had for supper and as much as food so that we weren't hungry. It was actually quite tasty.
medtran, well depicted! looks delish!
msmofet, how'd you do your sweet potatoes? they're lookin' good!

I had the last slice of the Stuffed rolled Pork Loin and asparagus.


for those of you that remember my panic about the sauce I had turned into a hard syrup, I had covered it with some Cider. Then I really slowly heated it on the stove while at my bros'. It worked but took quite a while as I was nervous of over doing it, again. I left the sauce with them, so mine was a little dry but the stuffing was delicious and saved the day.

It is certainly a recipe that I will do again. I'm very glad I asked the butcher to open it. I've done it a couple of times, mehh - but his was perfect.
When I got home I opened it up and froze it flat out. Then defrosted in the fridge the night before to stuff the following day. Was perfect to work with.

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