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Assistant Cook
Jan 27, 2007
Sheffield UK
Hi to, everyone.
I grew up in the 50's where my mother kept chickens and my father grew vegetables. We ate good wholesome food freshly prepared and my mother loved to bake cakes and show us kids the skills of the kitchen. Then came supermarkets and such a variety of foods from all over the world we were spoilt for choice. Cookery lessons in school was replaced by Food Technology and we were told you don't need to learn to cook just buy it from the supermarket, put in the freezer then cook it in the microwave. The world has suddenly gone mad, health problems and people who can't boil an egg.
Suddenly cookery lessons are back in schools to teach the basic skills. Organic food is becoming very popular and we are encouarged to grow our own veg, support farmers markets and shop locally.
What comes around goes around. Any comments gratefully received. Ann

Barb L.

Master Chef
Aug 11, 2006
Monroe, Michigan
Welcometo DC, I grew up in the 50's too,so know just where you are coming from!! Can't beat that era and so miss it! But still cook like then ! lol, Barb L.
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