What do you make when you didn't plan dinner?

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Jul 7, 2004
Do you order out? (pizza, chinese, etc?)
Or is there an old standby recipe that you make when you forgot to take something out for dinner and you really don't want take out?

Rachael Ray has her 30 minute meal show, but what do you do when everything is still frozen?

Pasta of some form, with a purely veggie sauce, as we always have fresh veg on hand...

Or if its really getting lazy in the cooking dept, toasted bacon and tomato, western sandwiches, or grilled cheese...

Tho' I confess very occaisionally, I'll revert to the Chunky Style Soup, or take a container of borscht out of the freezer and nuke to edibility...

Take out or restaurant feeding, with two children in university, is reduced to an"Event"that gets planned, generally well in advance!

Normally, we always have something about to eat for dinner.

But when we come home from vacation, and there is nothing prepared, just cook up some dried pasta and toss on jarred spaghetti sauce.

Since we live in the shrubbery, no one will deliver pizza.
usually i never let us run out of food,i cook in huge quantities,so we always have something to eat,but if does happen sometimes,i cook something with eggs,cheese,or make sandwiches,or pasta with tomatoes and spinach,i always keep some frozen chopped spinach in the refrigirator...very handy and really good....or we go out to the nearest chinese or some mexican restaurant....
we used to eat out and take out a lot, because we love good food and there are so many good restaurants around us, but now we do it out of necessity. so for us, if i only have a little or no time, we'll get take out or i'll fire up the grill and make some chicken or steak or fish. you can multi-task when you grill. there's time to get stuff done while the coals are burning down, and then when you toss the meat on (except for the fish, but that only takes a minute). meats only have to be checked periodically. we usually have the chicken topped with thai sweet chilli sauce, steaks and fish are usually plain or dry rubbed. open a can of corn or stringbeans and dinner's ready.
Bucky's unplanned nights sound better than some of my planned nights! I usually put a menu together for the week before I go grocery shopping, so for me it's not a case of not having anything for dinner but of not having time to make it. The old standby's for us are either going out for pizza or making some spaghetti. Once in a blue moon if neither of us are hungry we'll just have bowls of cereal.
We're big on a can or thawing some soup from the freezer (I make a lot of home made soups). But if we really want something to eat, I always have frozen pesto from last summer --- in five minutes we have dinner. Even if you don't have pesto in the freezer, there is always pasta with olive oil, garlic and a sprinkling of pepper flakes. Doesn't get any faster than that.
Make a request to my hubby for "dinner out". He's never refused yet, but I don't take advantage in order not to ruin a good thing. :D
Domino's Pizza is the only thing that delivers out in the woods where we live and it pretty much sucks as a pizza joint.. so, I open a can of soup and make grilled cheese.
We don't have any place here to really order out. Every once in awhile I will bring home Mexican food from the town I work in. Usually I make tacos. Because the ground beef can be quickly thawed in the microwave and the rest of the ingredients are easy to prepare. Hotdogs are also a standby with a side of hand cut French Fries. All else fails soup out of a can with a grilled cheese sandwich. Most of the time I have several leftovers in the freezer that with a few minutes in the microwave or on the stove are ready to eat.
Lugaru said:
I buy rice by the sack so when worse comes to worse I can always make fried rice.

I would love this receipe.......mine NEVER comes out right :?

Breakfast is ALWAYS good for Dinner!
and I make an a darn good Tuna Casserole with Bow-Tie Pasta on the stove! (I like it cold even!)
i just improvise. usually there is a Stouffer's macaroni and cheese in the freezer, and that will feed me for 2 meals. otherwise, it's angelhair and a quick homemade sauce or jarred pesto, or i'll just snack instead of having a meal, like i did tonite.
Well I usually have a few meals made ahead of time and frozen in the deep freeze which don't take long to thaw and heat in the oven or microwave. But if I don't feel like cooking or heating then I order out.

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