What do you put 5 gallons of gravy in?

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How about some foil steam table pans...full size. Or if the table is real formal, a very large bowl (which may have to be filled more than once)
I just had a weird brain fart (comes of having beer for lunch).

Use an extremely clean (i.e., new?) insulated beverage holder with a spigot. You know, those big orange cylindrical things you see on the backs of construction workers' pickup trucks? If they can keep liquids cold, they should be able to keep them hot. But if this is a more formal event, as Rainee suggested, you may have to come up with another solution.

Or not. It's Navy guys, right?
How about a lobster pot? Might not look very Thanksgivingy, but it will hold a lot and they are pretty inexpensive if you don't already have one.
Great idea Mudbug! The cooler should keep it nice and hot and hold quite a lot! And if you are like me and think gravy is one of the greatest things on earth then you could even easily pour yourself a cup of gravy to sip on :shock:
Provided it's not giblet gravy, the giblets may clog up the spigot.
You know they do have the 40 to 120 quart heavy aluminum stockpots with the built in spigots in restaurant supply stores.

The spigots have a built in filter screen to keep giblets out of the finished product dispensed by the spigot.

Thus you can cook and serve the gravy in one huge vessel.
But if you are having giblet gravy, wouldn't want the giblets dispensed too?
choc, I was trying to think of a reasonably economic vessel that could be easily re-used for another purpose, such as large batches of margaritas, etc.
A used restaurant supply store would not be too expensive [about the same as the cooler idea], and it could be used later for deep frying turkeys, brining, etc.
There is no way I can think of for you to "gracefully" place 5 gallons of hot gravy on a buffet line. You'll have to break it down into smaller portions. I would use one of the smaller Nesco-type roasters to serve the gravy and restock it as required. I don't think a 22 quart roaster would look good on a buffet line. 12 quart or smaller would work well.

thanks for all the suggestions... Im either going out and getting a huge glass bowl with the rubber tops, and refilling as needed or getting one of them big aluminum turkey roating pans(but that would be a little flimsy with all the heavy gravy in it wouldnt it??) thanks all!..... wish me luck

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