What do you think about this cabbage?

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Sep 11, 2021
i've taken half of a chinese cabbage.
roasted in the oven with some oil and a bit of raw onion.
i've mixed soy sauce and a bit of sugar, a bit of sucarlose, chili flakes, black pepper, some toasted seseme oil, grounded ginger and granulated garlic..

then i've mixed it in with tongs and continued to roast.

sounds ok? it was pretty tasty and not bland a all..

could i put a whole cabbage instead of half? or it would produce too much steam in the oven and will not roast it well?


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If you did a whole head, you might want to use two sheets. The more you crowd the cabbage and onions, the less drying/browning/crisping. Spreading out half a cabbage on two sheets and cooking the same temperature and time will give you even more browning. So it's up to you for what you want.
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