What is your favorite comfort food?

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Jan 8, 2010
Washington, D.C.
Hey everybody! Let us know what your favorite comfort food is whenever you're down and depressed...

My favorite food comfort is of course chocolates! It always lift my spirit. :)
Bread - from baguettes, crackers to tortillas, it makes no difference.
Fried cube steak, mashed potatoes and gravy... serious comfort factor.. hard to beat good cubed steak gravy.
When I get down, I don't eat. It doesn't happen very often. There isn't any food that can bring me out of a funk. About the only thing to cheer me up when I'm down is my daughter.

What does put me in a good mood if I'm feeling nostalgic is to make my grandmother's yeast rolls. The kneading of the bread, smelling it rise, then baking brings me back to my young childhood when it was fun and happy.
Anything soft and warm
or anything soft and cool
nothing room temperature

warm pie with cool whipped cream (or ice cream),
warm soft homemade peach cobbler with a cool sweet tea,
warm hot-chocolate with a cool winter breeze
warm soup with a cool mint-julep
warm brie cheese with a slightly chilled wine
warm indian bread pudding with cool mountain spring water
warm melted cheese omelett with fresh-squeezed chilled orange juice

...you get the idea ;)
Well if I'm really down and out chocolate is the way to go. Brownies, cakes or icecream. Dark chocolate perferrably.

But if I just simply want comfort food then usually some country vegetables, baked chicken & mac & cheese.

Or if it's because I don't feel well, lemon chicken and steamed rice.

I've never thought of Matzo balls as comfort food but I do love them!

So many food for so many emotions...
Grandma's Potato Soup

My ultimate comfort food is Grandma's Potato Soup. It cures sickness, blues, heartbreak, etc. You name it. :cool:

It's easy to make. Rinse, peel, and cube some potatoes, add some chopped onion, and cook until the onions and potatoes are done. Then add a slurry of flour and milk and stir constantly until the flour is cooked (which is like a minute after it starts to bubble.) Add a chunk of butter and stir in. Serve with saltines.


The "traditional" American comfort foods hold no particular appeal over me.

If I do have a cold though, I really like pho or miso soup. And I am not even close to being Asian.

Hot toddy's help too.
Macaroni with garlic, oil and mushrooms accompanied with some vino nero or a salami pecorino and roasted red pepper sandwich on crusty bread.
Or fresh mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto
Or mashed potatoes and gravy
Or dandelion & spinach salad with garlic chives, olive oil and grated hard cheese.
Soup (any kind) with a grilled cheese sandwich, anything with noodles, or anything with mashed potatoes are my fave comfort foods.

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