What type of seaweed is this?

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May 15, 2020
Prior Lake
I got this from a friend and she said it was "seaweed" but I'm fairly sure in Japanese there are many different kinds of seaweed. It's in a ziptop bag and no labeling, she threw away the container it came in a few months back. Could this be a type of dried algae? Mozuku? (It's a large dried circular chunk that's kind of spongy in texture, about 8 in. diameter and maybe 2 in. thick.)
Are you sure it's Japanese seaweed? There are other places that use seaweed. Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Canada come to mind.
It kind of has a springy, Styrofoam texture and it pulls off in strands when I try to pull it apart.


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It looks a little like dulse. Is it actually sort of purple? salty and chewy? Is it only 'spongey' because it is all wrapped up with itself? The strands are pliable.
Actually a little too frilly for dulse but could be a relative.

Plus that looks like an awful lot - that would last me over a year or more!
I've usually had dulse around for snacking on. don't think I know where any is at the moment. Should look for it.
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