What's For Dinner Monday 04/26/10

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We may be going out for dinner. If not then it will be chicken cutlets.

What's for dinner Monday April 26th?

I am not totally sure at the moment what we will be having. I am thinking pork but that is has far as it gets. Gonna see what ideas I can ste....um get from here :chef:

So, what are you having for dinner today?
tonite is roast nite. i should get cooking soon!

.....um, i meant beef stew nite! oops.....
great in this rainy 'ol weather.
I have a piece of frozen halibut that I will be cooking for dinner. Maybe roasted potatoes and green beans or maybe just a salad...will decide in a few hours!
Newp.. LP's was merged with yours.... :whistling

BTW.. I am pretty sure we are having cold meatloaf sandwiches tonight.

Thanks, Frank. I looked all over and couldn't see one started. Guess it was staying up late and getting up early to get things ready for the cleaning lady :wacko: (a gift from Dad!) .

I love cold meatloaf sandwiches. Too bad I don't have any meatloaf :(

I think it is going to be sausages, cream corn and mashed spuds tonight. Comfort food as all of us are fighting colds and it is cloudy, cool and rainy.
I still have some of the chicken flavored rice in the frig:LOL:, who would have thought 2 cups of dry rice would cook up so much:huh:, so it will be a fried rice dish with eggs and asparagus
So tonight we are having spaghetti with sliced sausage,meatball, garlic bread, chopped salad with thousand island dressing, and artichokes with plain ol butter or mayo. Dessert is believe it or not pumpkin pie with whipped cream,
I love cold meatloaf sandwiches. Too bad I don't have any meatloaf :(.

That could be an issue if you wanted to make them. I still have no idea what I am going to serve with them, but at least the shelving unit is done in the basement.
Little sister stopped by work today with a bag of steamed crabs. She said she had no patience to pick them. What the heck, pickin don't bother me none:LOL: Might be crab cakes tonight!
Turkey Tacos Tonight!! Not only because we love 'em, but also because I wanted something that would be uber quick if we were to lose power due to all the heavy rain & thunderstorms that have been blowing through here all day.
I threw a spaghetti concoction together for supper. Mark didn't have any, because his stomach has been funny the last few days. He had cup o' noodles with a turkey/lettuce/mayo sandwich on wheat.

I cooked a couple of diced tomatoes down in butter, added sliced bell pepper, sliced polish sausage, garlic powder, a bit of salt-n-pepper, then chopped fresh basil right at the end. I tossed that with cooked spaghetti and topped with grated cheese... garlic bread on the side.

coming back to add... I also added red pepper flakes with the other seasonings.

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