What's for dinner Wednesday, April 12th?

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Sep 24, 2004
New York
buckytom said:
you married a nine year old???? :)

we had takeout italian last night.

i am getting so sick of eating take out, even if it is from restaurants. besides going broke, i'm fatter than i've ever been in my entire life, pushing 230 now. but with dw on the injured reserve as of late, and a 2 year old whirlwhind to care for, there's been no time to get work done, let alone cook.

Sorry to hear your wife is on the injured list- Hope she mends/heals quickly.I know what you mean about hating takeout after awhile- It took our kitchen 3 months to be remodeled and we were all sick of eating out and takeout:sick: .Of course once it was complete I didn't want to get it dirty!!!:rolleyes:
Here's hoping that things will turn the corner for good health and good home cooking real soon.Love and energy, Vicki


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Aug 19, 2004
My mountain
thanks sizz and vicki.

first dw had a lot of painful dental work, then she slipped down the stairs and crushed 2 disks in her back, then both she and our boy got a stomach virus (we all got it, but i don't have time to be sick :neutral: ).

it's been rough, but my boy is just so d^mn cute and funny - even when he's sick, it's hard to feel sorry for yourself.

i can't tell you how great it is to be needed.

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