What's gonna be on your dinner table, July 10, Thursday

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Oct 19, 2004
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I pounded out boneless round steak that has been marinating in the freezer all night with chimichurri sauce. I'll double bread it then deep fry it off to remind me of the Gaucho Grills wonderful dinner that is our dd's favorite. They serve it with their home made bread, so ours will be NYT's with a new batch of chimichurri since all went into the marinating sauce last night. That'll be fine since I have so much herbs to be used up in the garden. I have a truckload of buttered noodles left from the other night that I'll use up too, with broccoli and really really cold cottage cheese. I bought 4 containers yesterday as they were on sale for a dollar and husband loves the stuff. It'll go to good use and I'll freeze the 3 until we do use them up. the market also had Crock sides on sale for a dollar and they usually go for $4.99 each so I bought 3 of those too. In the freezer they'll go. DH asked me for lemon cake. I'll do the dreamsicle cake only everything will be lemon instead of orange. The carrot loaf was wonderful but it's frozen in slices now for when the dgb’s come, they love it, plus don't know it also has zucchini in it, gram's sneaky
Enjoy your Thursday
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I don't have a clue. No kids tonight my mom took them 'til Saturday.
I need to pick a little basil maybe a small batch of pesto, grill some chicken breasts, serve over pasta.
Yeah, I think I just figured it out this minute!
We are heading to CT to spend the weekend at the Sailfest. We are camping so for tonight I am having bean burritos and dh is having a flatbread pizza.
spaghetti with whole wheat pasta & fresh tomato sauce. garlic bread, too.
Here's the NYT's bread loaf that hubby asked for a certain way and he got it that way, with inclusions of:
parm cheese, dried onion flakes, flax seeds, dried cilantro, sesame seeds, with black Hawaiian sea salt and black pepper on top. The vessel I use to bake it in is a 1960's 2 quart oval DescoWare.
The next is the lemon dreamsicle cake with cream cheese lemon frosting.
Oh and just in case he needs butter for either:LOL:, two of my butterdishes, one very old, one from Taos two weeks ago, can you tell which is which:ermm:


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I'd really like to have a nice tuna steak, but the stuff at the grocery stores has been kind of dismal lately. No fish monger in my hood.....
I was not sure what to have for dinner tonight, and the neighbors just showed up with a pot of chicken posole for us, with all the garnishes - lime, sliced cabbage, onions, radishes. Smells wonderful! Can't wait to eat it.

LEFSElover - your butter dish looks like genuine Talavera. It's really beautiful.
Ended up skipping dinner... I made foccacia bread earlier and we ate too much.... so at 7 we had a root beer float.
But I sure know what I'm making tomorrow now!

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