What's your best Shrimp Recipe?

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I like to make the Rice-a-Roni stir fried rice with shrimp. I'll use one pound of shrimp to one box of Rice-a-Roni.

Make the stir fried Rice-a-Roni according to directions (sometimes I cook the vermicelli in butter, sometimes I just throw the whole box in boiling water).

Add in a handful of baked almonds and a cup of chopped celery (per box) and anything else you want.

Simmer until the rice is almost done, then add the chopped up shrimp.

Continue to simmer until the shrimp is cooked and the rice is done.

Serve with crispy noodles.

This reheats well in a pot with a little water added to it. Not so well in the microwave.
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The best shrimp dish is shrimp that was in the ocean at 5:00 am and on your table at 5:00 pm.
I agree and concur. I miss being close to the ocean where I used to go to the shrimp boat docks in Key West and help them clean up the boats when they came in.
They paid me with a bucket full of shrimp and by-catch. My grandmother sent me, gave me the bucket and told me what to do.
It was not unusual to get a few spiny lobsters in that deal. Fish too.

What's wrong having it on the table at 5:10 am? lol
I'm good with that.
my reaction to the thread was:
I got more best shrimp dishes than shrimps got legs . . .

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