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We make "bachelor surprise".

Stir fry frozen mixed vegis (we like an "imperial mix" from Costco). Start with the vegis still frozen. When the vegis are thawed but not cooked yet, add up some leftover meat or ground beef and chopped onion. Add cooked rice. Sprinkle with lots of sesame seeds and a bit of tamari and maybe a hot sauce.

We use brown basmati rice. We always cook more than we need and freeze batches of leftovers. The frozen rice can be microwaved or steamed in no time.

And there's always pasta carbonara.
I, too, am a huge believer in freezing portions of any meal that will do. Right now I have several meals of cassoulet, several of chili, one of a Portuguese kale/bean soup, several tomato sauces from the summer garden, and split pea soup. And this is in the freezer on top of my fridge (I no longer have a separate freezer). At any time I can nuke a meal for two in minutes. Almost all of them can be stretched with stock, broth, wine, water, V8/tomato juice into a soup and add crusty bread or crackers.
Brown Rice Plus

Hello everyone, It's been a while since I last visited. Missed you all. Here is a quick healthy recipe I would like to share:

You will need chicken breast cooked (leftover)
cook l cup brown rice in 2 cups of chicken broth

1 or 2 tablespoons EVOO heat (I use a cast iron skillet)
chop 1/2 sweet onion
chop 2 stalks celery

Add the cooked chicken breast cut into small pieces
Add enough cooked brown rice for each person
Add...here you have a choice. A bag of baby spinach or
cooked frozen peas.

All together stir...warm through and serve.

It is a favorite at our house.
i make eggs very often, or chix dredged in seasoned flour & cooked in canola, veggie soups, & seafoods
Leftovers. I only cook for myself, but I still cook about a pound of meat at a time, basically 4 meals (at least). I eat one, keep one in the fridge for another meal, and freeze 2 servings.
Start ahead...and save time

When you want to start cooking AHEAD this mashed potato recipe works:
There are no definite amounts. Usually 1 potato per person

Boil and mash your potatoes (some use butter, some whip etc)
Cook mash and place in a glass pryex container (large enough to hold potatoes and MORE).

Next day: whip cream (I use light). Amount: to cover potatoes
add shredded cheese you prefer
Mix these two ingredients together

Remove mashed potatoes from refrigerator.
Add the mixture of whipped cream and shredded cheese on top

Place in 350 oven The cream and cheese mixture will cook smooth over
the potatoes 10 - 15 minutes....or until golden color. Enough time to heat all through.

This recipe comes via an eldery friend. And you know they don't measure
most things. The taste is unique and all at the party loved it. If leftover
it reheats in micro. ENJOY
A very quick sandwich

I always go with a slice of smoked turkey, cheese, tomato and lettuce in a couple of toast. I usually spread a layer of mayo over the lettuce. Tastes great.:LOL:
Crepes, omelets, Welsh Rarebit the Rolls Royce of cheese on toast, any toaster bag sandwich.
Perhaps I am a little dense but what is a toaster bag sandwich? I am kind of assumiing it is a pre-prepared sandwich.
A toaster bag is like a sleeve, open at one end so you can slide the sandwich into it and put it in an ordinary upright toaster. They were invented in the UK not long ago, the inventor took them on the TV prog Dragons Den, the three entrepeneurs rejected the idear. The inventor launched them and is a multi millionare now.
Wow! What a cool idea! Why didn't I think of that? Why didn't anyone I know think of that?

My go-to quick 'fancy' meal is Parmesan risotto in the electric pressure cooker. Takes 10 minutes. My go-to quick 'I don't want to lift a pan' meal is saying "Honey, make me a grilled cheese sandwich"... ;)
This is my in time recipe: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BnfO0Y_Vy8
I had nam prik pao at a thai restaurant and this was the closest I could find to what I had. Now it's my go to easy meal. I get the thai chili paste from an asian foods store. I eat it with rice and the rice takes longer than the stir fry. I usually start the rice and then start chopping up ingredients. 15 minutes?
I have a pasta boat, and love it. I throw pasta in it, start up the microwave and by the time the pasta is done, what ever I want to stir into the pasta is hot and ready to stir in. Makes life a whole lot easier.

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