Worst. Birth. Date. Ever.

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Another thought about a birthday date, I'm reminded of a little girl friend I had who's name was Libby. We both thought it was so cool her birthday was the 4th of July and she thought all the celebrations were for her birthday. Her real name was Liberty.
My mother was born on the 4th of July, too. Mom used to say it was darn nice that all these places set off fireworks to celebrate her birthday.

Happy Anniversary, PF!! Hope you guys weren't too tuckered out from all the Christmas festivities.
My birthday falls on the Girl Scout Birthday. My mother was a GS leader for a short time and the community tossed a big 25th birthday party for all the troops in the community. I went along with my mother and sister and thought the party was for me. I do remember it was a multi tiered cake and thought it was all mine. But why weren't there any candles on it for me to blow out? :angel:
Thanks for the Anniversary wishes. Did not mean to derail the thread, but this is the time of year we have too many celebrations going on. Other than Mom's b-day, the rest of us are spread throughout the year.
Happy Anniversary to you and your darling Ogre, PF. :heart: And your lovely parents, too. ~ Don't worry about the derailing, the OP doesn't mind. ;) Actually, I figure if people also want to chime in on poorly planned wedding/anniversary dates and events like that, it's in keeping with the spirit of the thread. Now if we go off on why coconut oil is bad or good, then we'll have a problem. :LOL:

...One year I faked a letter from the federal government with government letterheads etc. stating that that date was officially my birthday and that her birthday had been moved to February 30th...
You are an evil, evil man, Andy. I love it! :brows:

Good stories, everyone. I do have one about our wedding date. Seems we oops'd and picked a date when Ohio State was playing Michigan in the final game of the season. We kiddingly told our priest that we would have to change the date. He was worried I was pregnant...:ermm: :LOL: When we told him the real reason, he offered to hide a little TV under the altar cloth of the side altar. We told him "that's OK". Later, at the reception, my Mom said to me that she felt so bad about one of Himself's friends. "So young to be wearing a hearing aid and all." (This was in 1974 when transistor radios were common.) I asked her if it was Mike with the sandy brown hair and glasses. When she said it was, I told her that it wasn't a hearing aid. *gasp* "You mean he was listening to the radio in CHURCH?!?" Yeah, Mom, and his were the best words in the receiving line at the back of the church: "state's up by 3". :w00t: Our best man was driving the car and wouldn't unlock the doors for the photographer until the game was over, either. Didn't matter; with the receiving line in church all of our family and friends were already cozy at the bar when we got there. We knew how to plan these things. ;)
My daughter is my New Year's baby and she gets the combo gift from many relatives but we never do. We go big on Christmas and then she gets a set amount for her birthday and she gets to pick out whatever she wants. We've explained to her that her birthday is so special and deserves to be celebrated separately because that was the day we became the awesome family we are today :)
Keep 'em coming! I dote on my niece and nephew, as many know.

Niece's birthday is a few days before Christmas, so I carefully made sure that her Birthday and Christmas presents were SEPARATE. Hm. Guess what their pragmatic mother did?

Oh well, Aunty Dawg still loves them!
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Congratulations PF/ D-Ogre and parents anniversaries. Fun times.

We eloped on Halloween. When we let my parents know, they thought we were pregnant. When we went to inform her mom, she was highly incensed. She wanted a large catholic wedding that she could plan for her first daughter to be married, after never getting any input for any of her boys' weddings. zOops.

My nephew's bd is Dec 25. His parents immediately moved the date to summer. Later, a good thing, he could have kids/ friends parties. Nephew didn't know that wasn't the real date until he applied for a driver license or college or something that requires providing a birth certificate.

Now, my dad was a Christmas baby too. We had Santa in the a.m's and his BD in the afternoon. Mom always made some of his favorite Christmas cookies, just because, and we had cake too. That might be the only times we had cake/ ice cream before dinner! A lot of times his birthday present was indeed wrapped in Christmas paper.

Mine too. My bd is mid December. If a present comes in the wrong paper, I threaten to not open it. But really, an acknowledgement or a card makes me happy.
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When Pirate was about to turn 16, he informed what he wanted for his birthday and Christmas. For his birthday, a new car, and for Christmas, the insurance and registration for the car. He informed with that I didn't have to wrap it. He is still waiting.

This year I made him his favorite cake, and he has the flu. He is in no mood to eat anything. Not even his favorite meal of ham, sweet potato and chocolate cake. When I told him what I cooked for him, his head went right into the bucket. We will not be talking food for a while. This has not been the best holiday year for him. I feel so bad. He just wants to lay there and sleep. Every time he gets up to take care of personal needs, I nag him to get fluids in him. I think he drinks them just to shut me up. :angel:

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