Your Favorite non-alcoholic beverage

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1. Banana milkshake
2. strawberry milkshake
3. peach milkshake
4. cherry flavoured alcoholfree beer
5. cappuchino
6. Cocoamilk with coffee
7. Vanilin milkshake
8. lemonade
9. tonic
10. cola
That's a tough question - I love my Rosé! Although I'd have to go for a tea! (black tea of course, with cream and sugar)
Ice water.

Flavored coffee (French vanilla, cinnamon roll, hazelnut, caramel creme) with sugar-free French vanilla creamer and a half packet of Stevia.
Hot black and green tea together first thing in the morning.
Lots of combinations of dehydrated plants I keep in jars.
Lemon balm-relaxing

Peppermint leaves-aromatic
Spearmint leaves-aromatic
Lavender flowers-calming and aromatic

blackberry and raspberry leaves-little flavor

lime, lemon, orange slices-aromatic and for flavor

orange peel

And spices,
Turmeric chai
And rooibos tea and matcha tea.
coffee rarely now
My favorite mixtures (hot or room temperature) have stronger flavors with leaves that have little flavor but good anti-oxidants, sweetened a little with honey or not.

Cough or cold or sore throat, raspberries, black berries, or strawberries blended and added to sipping water all day (1 part fruit to 7 parts water). Honey and lemon (lemon juice and rind) tea. Vegetable broth.

Night time favorite, plant milk with turmeric chai and honey, puts me right to sleep.
Too many to count. But as of late I was introduced to Starbucks Drago Fruit refresher, very yummy. Trying to stay away from it. Almost 7 bucks with tax, crazy expensive.
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