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LOL, just watched the J-turn...

I actually did that late one night on a snowy road and to pick-up my husband really late in an Industrial area I had no idea where I was.

OK it wasn't from reverse and I'm sure many can do this but I had never done it - never even contemplated it - just did it.

When I finally saw him I was almost past him - he was on the opposite side of the street. Grabbed the handbrake, cranked the wheel, and slid to a perfect stop facing towards home with the passenger door handle by his hand.

He was staring at me with this funny look on the way home, finally I said.. hey, you aren't the only one who knows how to drive!
(as I wiped the sweat off my brow, thankful I didn't wipe him out - cause I would not have known where to hide the body)

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