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We were out on another dog reunion with Miley. This time it was just her sister and one of the 4 brothers but it was lots of fun. They really remember each other now and it is so great to see them together. There are so many similarities and differences but everyone that came by asked if they were related.

Anyway, when we got home I threw together some of my bacon cheddar burgers (the bacon and cheese are added right into the meat so you don't need much to get even more flavour). TB had sweet potato oven fries and I had salad.
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I didnít make anything for tonight, but I pounded a cheap steak and seared it, so Mark can slice it for a sandwich, a salad, or some pasta (which he really likes) for tomorrow while Iím on another shopping slog. (No complaints, I chose the job and my hours. I made over $100 today! No bragging, just a little surprised.)
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Originally Posted by caseydog View Post
Do you get your clams live and purge them? I love littlenecks, but hate sand. When I'm up there in the right months, I always get some littlenecks, but it is hard to find restaurants that purge their clams.

The littlenecks I get from the seafood store never have any sand in them. My understanding is that most of the littlenecks sold are cultivated and are purged by the suppliers.

Are you thinking of steamers? These soft shelled clams are pretty popular around here, and are dug from mud flats at low tide. They are usually served with a bowl of broth to rinse the meat. I've heard of a variety of purging methods, such as soaking them in changes of salted water, feeding them with corn meal, etc. When I make them at home I put some hot tap water in the sink and put the steamers in for a minute or so immediately prior to cooking them, sloshing them around for a few seconds. The hot water kills them and they open slightly, allowing the grit to come out. It's the most effective method I've found. I don't bother with the broth, as they rarely have any grit in them. I learned that from my brother in law, who had a summer job in a seafood restaurant during his college years.
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I cured some tasso last week and smoked it yesterday on the stick burner. To keep it company I threw a butt on. We had pulled pork for dinner.
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Greek yogurt w/berries & a fruit salad for dinner.

Ribeye w/baked potato & salad for brunch.
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DH grilled pork chops with Penzeys Forward seasoning and cherry barbecue sauce and sliced pineapple and I made potato salad with herbs and a mustard dressing. Click image for larger version

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