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Originally Posted by QSis
Kreme n' Kone in West Dennis. I haven't been there, but my parents live a mile or two from it.

Was it good, Corinne?

It was good. Seth is the Fried Clams lover. He said they were very good but not the "best he's ever had" so we are still in search of the very best.

Actually, I hear that there are a couple places here in the Mystic area who are outstanding that we haven't tried yet.
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Well we are back. We had a good time overall. The house that we stayed in was much smaller than we had expected so it was a bit tight with all of us right on top of each other, but the private beach was about a 60 second walk from our front door and we could see the water from our windows so that was great.

We had a few good meals out. The first place was Kool Kone. It is an ice cream/clam shack place. I love places like this. You order at the window and then sit at a table outside under an umbrella. I got a large order of fried clams and they were excellent. We planned on going back there for ice cream but never got around to it.

Across the street from Kool Kone was a regular restaurant. I do not recall the name, but it was very good. DW and I went on a date there while my inlaws watched the baby. They had outdoor seating on their patio which overlooked the water.

I started with a cup of clam chowder which was excellent. It was not too thick and did not have too many potatoes. It was loaded with clams and had a wonderful sweetness to it.

My main dish was a sesame crusted tuna steak. I ordered it rare. When the waitress brought it though she had the wrong sides and the fish was not even close to rare. I politely sent it back. Meanwhile my wife was eating her ribeye steak with blue cheese sauce and caramelized onions. Her dish was delicious. The blue cheese was a local variety (I don't remember the name) and it was great. It was not overpowering as some of them can be. The cheese was very stringy too, like mozzarella.

My dish came back a short while later and was cooked the way I had requested. It was worth the (short) wait. I was very happy with my meal.

We had a few drinks as well. DW had some wine and I had some Dark and Stormy's. I wish i could remember the name of this place as I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is ever in the area, but it is right on Rt 6 in Wareham directly across from Kool Kone so you really can't miss it.

For breakfast one morning we went to the Cranberry Cottage. It is a small little place that does breakfast and lunch. I am not big into breakfast as I don't eat eggs, but they did have a biscuit and gravy plate which I really enjoyed. Everyone else got eggs and loved them. If you like eggs then this place would be a winner!

We went to Yarmouth one of the days to go to their Zooquarium. As you can guess it is a cross between...we I don't need to spell it out It was small, but a lot of fun. My little girl fell in love with a stuffed Harp Seal so of course we got it for her. As we were leaving we were trying to figure out what to call him. We came to a restaurant where we decided to have lunch. The place was called Salty's and we though that would make a good name for the stuffed seal as well.

Salty's was good. The atmosphere was great. We sat in their enclosed outdoor seating. There were lobster traps and nets and all sorts of nautical things on the walls. Rachel learned to say lobster while we were there. She also tasted my twin lobsters which was the first time she has eaten what used to be my favorite food (before I discovered sushi). She took after me in that dept. for sure. Her eyes lit up at the first bite and she kept asking for more. I don't know if I should be thrilled that she loved it or scared that she has expensive tastes. I guess I will be thrilled! My lobsters tasted great, but were a bit on the small side. One claw and the tail on both lobsters was average size, but the other claw on both was so small that it was not even wroth cracking open. Oh well, I was still happy.

Our last day there we decided to check out Sandys. We went to the one by the Bourne rotary. As soon as we walked in we decided not to stay. It was peak lunch hours and the place was almost empty (bad sign number one). They had two entrances and the one we went in I hope was not the main one, although it was hard to tell. As soon as we walked in we were right by the bathrooms and boy could you smell them. Not a good way to walk into a place you are going to eat at. The place was very dirty looking inside and it actually looked like it had not been updated in 20 years or so. We decided we would pass on Sandy's and find someplace else.

We drove back into Wareham and found a place called the Lobster Pot. As soon as I walked in I realized I had been there before and I remembered loving it there. It was another type of place where you order at the counter and then take your food back to your seat. I again got clam chowder to start. It was OK, but nothing worth noting. I think next time I would probably not bother with their chowder. I got the fried scallops as my main meal and they were excellent. Big and juicy and full of flavor. It came with fries which were ok, but DW wanted onion rings so we got a side of those as well. I am happy she talked me into those because they were great.

The Wareham area is a very Portuguese influenced area and my FIL is Portuguese so he took a ride and found some Portuguese markets (actually I think they were in New Bedford a short ride away) and he brought home some sweet bread, churisso, linguisa, Portuguese rolls, cookies, cheese, olive oil, and a few other things. he grilled up the linguisa for us and put it on the rolls. That was excellent stuff. The sausage had a nice kick to it was well which made me very happy.

It is hard to be home now so I will need to start planning our next vacation
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Wow! Sandy's has deteriorated for sure, then! I'm sorry I recommended it! It's been a long time since I've been there.

That's the last time I recommend anywhere to anyone when I haven't been there for a while!

I truly apologize. Your description is not the way I recall it (the layout, yes, but not the smell, vacancy, etc.).

I'm really sad to hear that it has deteriorated. I loved that place as a kid!

I hope the one in Sandwich isn't going the same way, if it still is there.
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Sounds like yo had a good time. That's great!

Welcome back.
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Oh please do not be sorry you recommended it. I really do appreciate that you did. It is quite possible that we just caught them at a bad time or an off day or something. Atmosphere is not always an indication of food either so if we had eaten there it might have been the best meal of the week for all we know
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I enjoyed reading your travel/food report, Gary. Partly because I'm only a short drive from Wareham and am interested in reports of all local eateries, but mainly because you used the word "happy" in your message a bunch of times.

And it makes me happy to see other happy people!

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It seems I am always happy when food is involved Lee. Throw in some family, the ocean, vacation, etc. and I am on cloud 9
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