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Dried active yeast.

Hi i manage to activate the yeast in water and it got very frothy . I Was wondering what i do next as i added it directly to flour and it got all hard and crumbly so it went wrong.

I am please i got the yeast to work as i want to work with it to make bread , dim sum and cakes but annoyed with not knowing how to work it with flour

Any help would be grateful


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Hey nicklord, you have sugar in that water? You need to have some oil or something too. When you make dough of any kind without a fat to make it malleable it becomes crumbly. Its like making paste with flour and water. So...first of all, is your yeast the instant kind or the regular kind. The instant kind you can add directly to your dry ingredients. The other kind you need to add with the fat and other liquid going into your dough *(after activating). Does that help a bit? You also need to make sure you have just enough sugar for the yeast to work with. Too much and your dough will have big holes. Not enough and it will be a rock. As for dim sum dumplings, you don't use yeast in that dough. You just use oil and eggs and flour. Try doing a look through of the bread subforum. Peruse the recipes there until you feel like you have a good idea of how it all works. Try an easy one and THEN mess around on your own.
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I use active dry yeast to make bagels.

I bloom it with warm water and sugar in the bowl of my stand mixer. While it's blooming I combine the dry ingredients. When the yeast is ready, I feed the dry ingredients into the mixer while it's running at the lowest speed until combined. Then I speed it up to do the kneading.
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Thanks for the help i will try and put these recommendations in to practice . As i am trying to make char sui pao soon
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