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New Hard Drive (Goodness what a chore!)

Well, the old 20 gig hard-drive that came with my Dell Dimension 2350 back in 2003 finally filled it's-self up (and was running about as fast as Molasses in January) so while digging through some old parts I ran across a brand-new 40 gig drive that had never been used.

So I got the bright idea that instead of cleaning up the old drive and trying to scrub the registry etc. ect. I'd just replace the drive thus doubling my available space and cleaning up the cookies, registry and all the other junk the system has collected over the years. Hey! It sounded like a good idea at the time.

If I ever contimplate doing this again, hit me.... HARD! What a bloody nightmare.

It took me a full week to back everything up to CD Rom and I still forgot some things (like my internet bookmarks for one).

Installing XP is a dream though, just stick the disc in the drive and go watch a movie or something. It'll take care of it's-self.

It's just

1. remembering all the things I wanted to put back on
2. actually installing all this garbage
3. Remembering where I put passwords and login information (I never realized how much I depeded on "auto login")
4. Finding registration information for stuff I've paid $$$ for but now shows "Unregistered".


But at least it's done now, Even after restoring about 8 gig's worth of programs I still have more free space on the drive now than I used to have for the whole drive it's-self. LOL!

I've just installed Age of Empires 3 Demo. I think I'll have a piece of Chocolate Cake and play games for a while hee hee.

~ Raven ~


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You should of replaced the backup battery as well. That can be upsetting at times too. Most people forget to replace it too, Kind of like never replace the Tranny fluid or the Like !!!!!!!!!
I am Glad you are done with it now though !!!!!!!!!!!!! Kudos
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