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Student designing a short course

Hi there, I am brand new to this forum. I came across it while researching for my college assignment. I'm creating a course for people to bring smart devices into their homes. My units focus on bringing smart/connected cooking machines into their lives. This means smart/connected crockpots, multicookers, and other robots.

I'm really just looking for some inspiration here but please feel free to discard this if it does not belong. I've kind of found myself struggling with what to put into my course.

The course is just 3 short lessons based around encouraging people to think about using smart cooking machines.
Lesson 1: basic home kitchen hygiene, safety, and set-up.
Lesson 2: a short history of smart kitchen appliances, a definition of a smart/connected multicooking device, how it is made up, and at what point it comes in to use during the cooking process. Behind the scenes: what kinds of technology make a smart kitchen machine possible? (some light machine learning information)
Lesson 3: Using a machine in the kitchen during a typical meal preparation.

I am wondering, is this enough for anyone wanting to learn more about using kitchen machines or smart appliances in daily cookery?

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I'm old school. I don't have any appliances like that.
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in the on-line world, we've seen a number of "smart" things come and go and fail.
- countertop oven that used a camera to "see" what you were cooking and "did it to perfection"
- another oven that read the bar code on the package and "knew how to cook it" - they lacked the financial resources to build the several hundred thousand item database of frozen food items....
- most recently a multi-compartmented countertop oven that basically does TV dinners

- a "cooking machine" that bluetoothed you when to add stuff and stir and turn down the heat and, and, and,

the most successful of the lot seems to be thermometers that send a notification to your phone when the set point temp is reached. works most best for the BBQ/grilling crowd where the cooking equipment may not be in the kitchen . . . .
in theory they could have had their own "mobile device" long ago - but the advent of near everyone glued to their smart phone made any 'custom mobile device' unnecessary.
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Im not sure that home cooks are all that interested in why or how technology works.

For those who would use smart appliances, the benefits and features are probably more interesting. Sort of a whats in it for me approach.

Im typing this on a smart phone. I dont know how it works but I use it all the time.
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