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luckytrim 06-15-2020 08:13 AM

Trivia 6/15
trivia 6/15
“Rusty” Burell, the Bailiff on “The People’s Court”, was a Bailiff in real life ; he was the Bailiff during the trial of Charlie Manson.

1. Which African Nation is known for its vuvuzelas ?
2. What is the National Flower of Scotland?
3. In Baseball, what do you call a unit composed of the pitcher and catcher
4. Name That Flick !
In this movie the villain is hanging on a missile. Arnie presses the button
and says "you're fired".
a. - Terminator II
b. - Commando
c. - Total Recall
d. - True Lies
5. We all know that a Freestone is a peach, but what fruit is a Clingstone ?
6. What is the most commonly used native language of India?
a. - Bengali
b. - Hindi
c. - Sanskrit
d. - Tamil
7. Who is considered to be the "Father of Western Medicine"?
8. If I were an Australian bittern, what sort of critter would I be ?

New York Assemblyman and U.S. Representative, Daniel Sickles (1819-1914),
was the first person in the USA to successfully mount a “Temporary Insanity”
defense .
1. South Africa
2. the Thistle
3. the Battery
4. - d
5. a Peach
6. - b
7. Hippocrates
8. a Bird

When the beautiful and charming Teresa Bagioli (1836-1867) married the 37
year old New York Assemblyman and U.S. Representative, Daniel Sickles
(1819-1914), she was only fifteen. After several years of marriage to her
philandering husband, she eventually commenced an affair of her own with
Philip Barton Key (1818-1859), the son of the famous composer of "The Star
Spangled Banner". When Sickles found out in 1859, he planned Key's murder in
advance, and then shot and killed his wife's lover. At the sensational trial
which followed, Sickles became the first murderer to plead not guilty by
reason of temporary insanity. He was acquitted and went on to have a
successful career in Congress and as a general in the Union army. One
presumes in the second of his career choices, he was at least a good shot.

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