8/13/2019 - National Prosecco Day Dinner

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Pizza made on roasted garlic Naan bread.

Loaded - Tomato sauce, olive oil, 4 cheese pizza blend, cheddar cheese, pepperoni, green pepper, mushroom, red onion, fresh basil and fresh Pico de Gallo.


Tomato sauce, olive oil, 4 cheese pizza blend, cheddar cheese & pepperoni.

Double barrel pizza (pepperoni, soprasatta, onions, basil - margarita on other side) and tried the other half of cheesecake batter in square springform. All came out good tonight :)


Must be pizza day! :yum: Great pics, everyone.

I have several vine ripened tomatoes to use up, so I'm thinking dinner will be grilled cheese and tomato on sourdough, and a small side salad.
Since I am a klutz today, we ordered from Thai Express. I got an imperial roll, two chicken wings for later, and beef pad see ew. Stirling got chicken pad thai. These may not be wonderfully authentic, but they sure were tasty.
I went with Taco Tuesday, using leftover steak from Sunday. It's too hot to cook.

No pizza here, but we did get take-home from our favorite pizza place. Himself suggested that we order a steak bomb calzone and pick it up on our way home from too much running around. I don't remember ever posting a photo of it in the past, but today's was worth a picture. Boy, was it stuffed - and now we are, too. [emoji38]
The Elders had brats. corn-on-the-cob and purple beans. Vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate sauce for dessert. I don't eat after 3:00 p.m. Goodness knows what
I will make for them tomorrow.
WOW, msmofet ............. I'm sure they were as good as they look !

Last Night's Seared Scallops, White Rice, Orange Drizzle, Green Beans, Steamed with McCormick Bacon Bits...

Scallops, Seared, Orange Sauce.jpg

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