A Particularly Heinous Offense

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Jun 3, 2010
Saw this trash in my local kroger-though you guys needed to see it.


scraped down to the bone with no meat...and hey look: "great on the grill"(orange sticker if not visible).
Hmmm maybe they are pumped up with enough stuff to make them tender on the grill (now you can actually do that with good ribs)..or since maybe there aint no meat there it might be a moot point. Who knows?

Stop and Shop had em on sale a couple of weeks ago for $1.99 lb.... but, they were cut into individual bones... Was like having a sitdown with the Union boss trying to get them to leave em whole..... weren't bad.... they are now carrying them for $2.49 a pound...but you STILL have to make a special request for a full rack..
I hate it when they scallop-cut out all the meat. Might as well use them for rendering down and making beef stock with-um at this point.
I get a kick when Albertsons offers those type of ribs. Sometimes they mess up and lable them right which is "soup bones"

Greg Rempe said:
The "Preheat Oven to 350*" is also offensive! LOL!!

Wow. I totally missed that the first time...maybe they would be good if we boiled them in beer too....
If the people who own Krogers could find a tub of bologna that stated that it contained up to 15% broth, they would slap a "Moist and Tender" label on it and add it to thier line up.
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