Anniversary dinner ideas?

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Little Prairie Girl

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May 9, 2024
United States
So I'm trying to plan a nice meal for my husband for our anniversary.
Does anybody have ideas? I'm looking for something kind of fancy, but not actually hard to make, since I have a five month old! Also, if I could make it ahead that would be a big plus, so I can spend time with him instead of cooking when he's home from work!
Coq au Vin is an option that tastes better reheated.

What are some of your favorites? (Insight to your skill level and flavor choices)

I like doing Flambé desserts, like stuffed crepes prepped ahead, but it requires practice first! If you wanted to try I can provide the info.
I make lasagna a lot (and my husband loves it!) but I wanted to shake it up a bit. I thought of chicken Parmesan, but again I feel like I make Italian food too often!
I like to make casseroles for pre prepared meals, and my husband and I like spicy food (Cajun pasta, buffalo chicken, jalapeno fajitas and things like that) but not exclusively. I just can't seem to think of something that doesn't seem excessively boring :)
Hot about a pork tenderloin? You can dress it up with some cippolini onions in balsamic. It's inexpensive, simple, and kind of "dressy". I can post a simple recipe if you want.
Just read your welcome and love of pressure cooking.

How about a pork shoulder or pot roast in the pressure cooker with some dried chiles, adobo, Enchilada Sauce, maybe Mole sauce, etc. and make a Mexican style Lasagna using Corn Tortillas with a little char on them for flavor. Do a quick pickle with fresh Jalapeños, use rice, beans, or potatoes and some Cotija cheese.

Just a direction for make ahead...
I wouldn’t overthink it.

I would hate to see you stress over it, blow the budget, and miss the mark.

Relax and go with one of your husband’s boring TNT favorites.

What would be his preference? Chicken, Shrimp, Pork? We'll rule out steaks because of the grilling part, LOL and I hear you on that one!

Many of us have several recipes in all of those categories with "make ahead" possibilities.

Chicken and Shrimp are pretty much my go-to ones.
There are also sheet pan recipes that can all be put on a (cookie) sheet pan and cooking while you have soup/salad/canoodles.... or yeah, be feeding the baby.
I'm an old fart, but I'm thinking what you wear when you are serving dinner is more important than what you cook (especially if you are wanting more kids). ;)

I'm adding a vote for a really nice sheet pan meal. There are so many to choose from. Select which protein you would like to make and google the protein with "sheet pan meal". You will find many colorful, decadent (or healthy) options. I like to select ones with great color. Once you get your entree idea, then you can pick your dessert and/or appetizer.

Like if you choose a colorful Mediterranean chicken dish, perhaps some hummus and warm pita. (Awesome tip, pita heats well on the low setting of a toaster.) For dessert, again, whatever you choose. Strawberries for shortcake can be made in advance. Brownies with a scoop of ice cream and chocolate sauce? Redi-whip and cherry to go over the top. Honestly, seasonal fruit and cheese can be a great dessert. Any and all can be made in advance. For the sheetpan meal, all of the prep can be done in advance. If you use parchment paper, clean up is a snap.
If you like seafood, almost anything with fish or shrimp is kind of fancy. Actually, shrimp scampi is something I'd consider kind of fancy, and might make for New Year's. Have with a decent white wine. Shrimp is also not that bad for cost if you buy the little ones.
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