Anyone here from Germany or having German backgrounds?

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German Chicken Soup

Bangbang said:
My wife makes what she calls German Chicken and Dumpling Soup. The dumplings are very heavy. Our family fights over them. This is by far my favorite soup.

Would she let you give us the recipe? Sounds wonderful! You are lucky bb
In the Kitchen said:
Would she let you give us the recipe? Sounds wonderful! You are lucky bb

Yep:!: One of the reasons I married her was because of the fine food I was introduced to. I will get her recipe and post it. I have made it myself a few times. We don't measure anything but just "eyeball it".....but I will try and write up a recipe that can be followed.
My paternal Grandparents were German, unfortunately they didn't pass on any great cuisine. As far as my Gramma was concerned there were only 2 settings on the stove. High and off!:LOL:
There were some traditions in my family. The main one was eating sauerkraut on New Year's Day.

Are eggs pickled in beet juice German? That is another family recipe.

I am German and Swiss but I didn't find that out until I was over 50 - until then I thought I was Irish/Italian but I'm now learning about German Cooking and last week I made - I think it was Bockwurst (fine veal sausage) and Spaetzle and I'm in love! German cookbooks are not very common!

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