Best cream cheese to use for cheesecake

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Sep 2, 2004
yea i was thinking ofmaking cheesecake ummm wut brand of cream cheese is the best for making cheesecake? Kraft, Giant store brand, Safeway brand, other brands?
Master, I have always used Philidelphia cream cheese. Nothing else.They have fat free too, If you needed that. I have never used anything else. The cheese cakes that I have made have been really good too.
Philidelphia is what I use too.

I've had the safeway brand ( not in cheese cake) and it just wasn't as good.
I would be cautious of using all fat free cream cheese unless the recipe was developed with it. A friend of mine made something (wish I could remember what) and substituted fat free cream cheese for all of the cream cheese in the recipe and the finished product was runny and wasn't supposed to be. I might try using half fat free and half regular and see if you are happy with the results.
I have used fat free philly cheese. When they are out of reg.
Another vote for Philly. I've tried a few others when they were on sale and I didn't like the taste or the texture as well.
I agree with the others, master, and I learned this the hard way just this last weekend. I was trying to save a few pennies and got the store brand cream cheese instead of Philadelphia and noticed a large difference in quality. No matter how much I beat the cream cheese it didn't become completely smooth and there's definately an overall difference in taste and texture, too.

Only use fat-free if specified in the recipe. However, you can easily substitute the 1/3-less fat cream cheese for regular cream cheese in any cheesecake recipe.
I have succesfully used Spartan brand and had a great end product. But I too usually use Philly. I tried using no-fat and lo-fat cream cheese and it ruined the texture.

Surprisingly, one time I ran out of cream cheese while making the filling and substitued an equal amount of strained cottage cheese that I pushed through a fine, wire-mesh sieve. The cheesecake texture was unchanged. But the flavor was a bit more tangy, though very good.

Remember, there are cheesecakes made from cream cheese, ricotta cheese, and a host of others, depending on the desired results, and whether you're making a desert or a side dish. We are all most familiar with either the Hollywood, or the New York style cheescakes. Do a bit of searching, and you will find more kinds of cheescakes than you would know what to do with. That little cookbook I have gave me just a hint of what's out there. And it has only about 30 recipes.

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