Best perfume for men or women?

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Sep 11, 2021
what is the best perfume for men and women?
i think it's swiss arabian gold.
in israel it's so cheap.. i'm not sure why. is someone subsiding it?

the smell so gooddd....

i'm wondering another thing.
why you never ask me for the reason that i'm not using three dots (...) ever but only use two or more than three.....
you never asked me that..
Okay, I'll bite. Why do you never use an elipsis, the three dots? BTW, I never noticed that you use some other number of dots to indicate an omission.
I have patient who works at Saks Fifth Ave and always brings me in cologne and perfume for my wife and I. I almost aleways give them away because they're too strong for me. My wife doesnt like them either. My wife, with her warped sense of humor told me that the reason she probably keeps bringing it in for me, is because she thinks I stink, and this is a subtle way to tell me. She may be right.
I also agree with the fake or chemically smell. Ive walked into a room where people over did it, and it almost takes my breath away. A nice mild soap is fine by me. Garlic and basil would be nice too. Although, I often see people who. work professionally in a kitchen and come right from work. It actually kinda disgusts me when they smell like food has been splattered all over them, but trust me, I've smelled worse.

And I never really noticed about the 3 dot thing until you pointed it out. Is it a superstitious thing ?
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